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Take Back Control!!

Updated: Apr 11

Over the last few days/weeks there has been so much change happening all around us. The world feels like it has been thrown upside down....and we have all but lost control over our entire way of doing things, our working life, social life - most daily aspects of our lives have changed.

Here's how you begin to take back some of that develop new routines, new habits, NEW WAYS OF DOING THE OLD THINGS - or replacing those things that can no longer be done with new routines & new habits. Shift the focus onto what we can control, our health - food, nutrition & training, looking after our families, our learning & education, our hobbies & things we love to do, reach out to friends & maintain social connections (video chat😉), think about future plans for continued growth & development.

Lets begin by making a new schedule for your day. Sort out your schedule by blocking your day into 3 sections;




We will go into more depth with these sections in later blogs, but developing the core principal of it is the important part. You need to include these components in your 3 sections;

*Checking in and connecting with family or friends

*Getting outside & getting fresh air

*Moving My Body - Workout/Rest/Active Recovery

*Doing something I enjoy - reading, being creative, cooking, hobby or fav pastime

*Self Care - meditating, taking a nap, gratitude journal, listing 3 positive things in your life right now, eating something healthy or meal planning to do so.

These are the first steps in finding some sense of normality amidst the chaos. If you find yourself struggling with any of these things - reach our to us, that's what we are here for!!


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